Rules and Guidelines


The days and times of start and finish of Fishing Competition will be listed on Amity Point Fishing Club Notice Board at the Amity Point Community Club Inc. Clubhouse.

All competitions to be conducted within designated boundaries on the dates and times as directed by the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc. Committee.   Boundaries are Caloundra bar to Laser Light to Laser Light at Tweed River North, including all Bay islands.

On the competition weekend, members must enter name in sign-ion book located in the Clubhouse, from 12 noon on Friday and no later than 3p.m on Saturday. Failing to do so will exclude you from participating in the weigh-in.


A competition may be cancelled by 3p.m Friday due to inclement weather (e.g cyclone etc.). This decision to be taken by three (3) members – President, Weighmaster, and reigning Club Champion. All efforts will be made to notify members so as to avoid any inconvenience.

Weigh-in time will be between 11a.m and 12 noon Sunday and no late weigh-in will be accepted.  ONLY FISH CAUGHT BETWEEN 4PM FRIDAY AND WEIGH-IN TIME, ARE TO BE PRESENTED AT WEIGH-IN.  Fishing Club Committee, from monthly competitions, will judge fishes of the year.

If any changes are required this will be done by the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc. Committee at their monthly meeting.

Boat owners are responsible to log on and off with Air Sea Rescue.

All members to comply with regulations as set out in the official Government Tide Book, Queensland Fish Management Authority, Department of Harbours & Marine and other relevant Government bodies.

All fish submitted for weigh-in and club points must be recorded on point score form at weigh-in by Club Recorder.

No misbehavior will be tolerated. Any complaints must be in writing and on receipt of that complaint it will be dealt with by the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc. at their next meeting.

Selling fish caught in competition is illegal and could lead to suspension from the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc.

Any excess fish can be left in the icebox provided for local charity.

Juniors turning 17 years of age before the commencement of fishing year must pay full membership fee of $5.50. No fish will be accepted frozen, and all fish must be measured and weighed. All species names will be listed on board in the Clubhouse, with angler’s name, fish weight and date caught. This will remain on the board unless bigger fish of any species is caught.

At the end of the yearly competition (date to be advised by the Committee) the angler’s names that still appear with each species will be winners. (Species’, weights, anglers’ name and date caught will be recorded in the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc. book also.)

Members over 75 years on commencement of competition year are eligible to participate in Veteran’s Competition.   A minimum of six (6) veterans required.   (Veteran’s Handicap  to apply).

Bream only to have weight recorded as heaviest fish on Board and to qualify for Mystery Fish. Bream and Tarwhine to make up the 20 bag limit as has been the case in previous seasons.

All senior members of the Fishing Club must be financial members of The Amity Point Community Club Inc. Fishing Club fees to be paid by the end of August. Failing to do so will exclude you from participation in weigh-ins until such fees are paid.

The Amity Point Fishing Club Committee, from time to time will impose Competition Rules stricter than that of the Department of Primary Industries (D.P.I)

No undersize fish are allowed at the weigh-in.

Fish with broken necks, or deliberately mutilated, will not be weighed in unless 2.5cm longer than the minimum D.P.I legal length. This will be at the discretion of the Weighmaster.

Fish mutilated by other fish shall be weighed if they exceed the minimum legal length or the competition length imposed by the Amity Point Fishing Club Inc. Committee.

All fish in the competitor’s catch presented to scale must be weighed in.

Any fish weighed in at a competition must be caught on the line of the competitor weighing in.

Any member is expected to gaff or net another member’s fish and to give all possible aid in landing same, but is not to handle the rod or line.

Burley, excluding chemicals, shall be allowed.

Electronic fish-finding devices, other than those designed to operate from a static position (i.e. a boat dash or console) shall not be allowed.   The use of drones in any form is strictly prohibited.

A maximum of 2 rods may be used by a competitor at any one time.

Drifting and trolling will be allowed.

Deliberate jagging will not be allowed.

Competition boundaries are Caloundra Bar to Laser Light at Tweed River mouth, including all Moreton Bay Islands.

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